Saturday, December 20, 2008

The baby is a............

showing her girl parts!!:) She wasn't shy!

Girl!!! YAY!! We are both so excited to be having a little daughter. I was able to go for my ultrasound yesterday. It was supposed to be at 2:00pm with my OB appt. at 3:45pm. We had a huge snowstorm coming in, so the OB's office rescheduled me for 9:45, but ultrasound couldn't. UGH! They told me to just stop in while I was there and they would see if they could squeeze me in. I sat maybe 10 minutes and they got me in. Lucky for me there were some no shows!!
Dave couldn't be there, our snow blower wasn't working, so his friend was coming over to help him. That was very important because I can't help him shovel!!! The technician put the picture that showed the results with a post it in an envelope that said "It's a girl. Congratulations!" When I got home, Dave and I opened it together to find out. So, her name is going to be Moira (MOY-ra) Bratton. The middle name is a family name on my mom's side of the family. It was my Grandma's maiden name.
So far we have received a baby gift from our registry from a friend of my mom's. It is for the shower we are having when we go to Michigan to see my family! Also our friend Peter gave us a gift card to Baby Gap so I can go buy some baby clothes!!:) He also gave us a Best Buy card, but that is more for Dave.

waving at us!:)

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