Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm tired and overwhelmed by how much there is to do before Moira comes and how little time is left. We were cleaning out more of the junk and boxes from her room today. We have thrown away TONS of stuff, but there is still so much crap and we have no idea where to put it right now. Then once that's done we have so much to do to get the room ready!! Ahhh......

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

my little scare.....

So, on Sunday I slipped on one step coming downstairs and landed on my but. Nothing big, I was fine. Yesterday during the day at work I wasn't feeling Moira as much as I have been the last few weeks. She hasn't been terribly active to begin with, but she has certain times of the day that I feel her the most. Yesterday I couldn't remember feeling her at those times. I sat at my desk for a little while relaxing and rubbing my belly trying to get her to respond because that sometimes works! She wasn't. Then I started worrying a little and thinking about me falling on the step. I had felt her on Monday night though, so I wasn't really worried. I also know it's still pretty early to be feeling her kick regularly anyway, but still wasn't sure.
We had a 1/2 day professional day yesterday and it was getting to be the time when the kids were leaving. The teacher I work with told me to just go ahead and call my doctor because it wouldn't hurt anything to be comforted. I called the doctor's office and the nurse worried me more by saying "You wouldn't be calling, if you weren't worried." So, they had me come in. My husband works at the high school across the street from me, so I called him and he ended up coming with me.
When we first got to the office and sat down, I thought I felt her kick and felt a little better. They did an NST on me and as soon as the nurse hooked me up to the machine and I heard Moira's heartbeat, I felt so much better. Then I started to feel her kick once I was relaxed, then I felt even better. Everything was fine, and then I felt sort of silly. My husband said to me "would you feel silly if something was wrong?" Of course I said no. The nurse even told me it was still early to really feel her tons, but it still isn't something to fool around with.
Anyway, that was my day. I didn't go back to work, I just went home after dropping my husband back at work. I only had about 45 minutes left anyway. I came home, sat on the couch, and relaxed. Once I was sitting here, I felt her moving around more. Today she seems to be making up for yesterday and I am feeling her more and more. We have a snow day today, so it's nice to just sit and do nothing!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I keep changing my mind about the bedding I want for Moira's room. My mom said that she will buy the bedding for us along with the crib. We were talking about it tonight and I think we might go to IKEA when I am home in February to check out what they have. If we find something really cute, we are going to get it. So, I think I am going to take the bedding off of my registry for now and wait to see what my mom and I find. IKEA is pretty affordable and I think we can get more for our money. I was looking at their website and they had some cute stuff. I hate making decisions!!:O) I just want to find something really cute and fun to decorate her room!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

25 weeks 1 day

I can't believe that our little girl will be here in 104 days!!! WOW!!! I wish it was sooner!! Today we are meeting with the doula. We met with her the first time we met her and have stayed in contact through e-mail. Today is our first real meeting with her since we decided to go with her. We are meeting her for dinner, it's just easier since we live kind of far from her. I don't mind at all!! We will probably meet with her again in early April. I wanted to meet with her at least 2 times before the baby comes. If we have to again, then I don't mind.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, we checked out the daycare today. Not my favorite thing to have to send our daughter to daycare, but even with paying for it, we still need the extra money I bring home, especially to pay the mortgage. It's a home daycare that is right behind the high school where Dave is working and I am across the street from Dave at the junior high. The woman runs it with her mother and the woman's daughter works with Dave at the high school. A lot of the teachers use her and LOVE her. One of my biggest things, was hoping that she will be OK with cloth diapers. She was totally cool and so laid back about it! It was great!!! I told her I am planning on breast feeding and hoping to be able to keep it up with pumping. That is my goal. I know it is going to be hard, but I am willing to do it. It's a small place, but they don't take on anymore than 10 kids, but they aren't all there at once, which makes me feel good. The youngest baby they have now is 10 months old, but by September will be 18 months. There is another woman that Dave works with who is due a month before me and she was looking at the daycare as well and wanting to start in September as well. Our two would be the youngest two there and I think she is planning on doing cloth diapers too. She had asked me about it and I sent her tons of information.

I think that's about it.........for now!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Moira's kicking

Here kicking is getting harder some days. She is also moving up and I can now feel her above my belly button. I love feeling her and my stomach moving, it is so cool!!:) Dave has felt her, but not like that when my stomach moves. Today he finally did!! She'll start kicking and then when he puts his hand on my belly, she stops. Today she didn't and he got to feel her. Our nephew Josh felt her too!!:)

22 weeks 2 days

Here is my picture from 22 weeks 2 days. I am currently 24 weeks 4 days, but just haven't taken another picture yet. I am really slacking off this week!! Probably because our Christmas tree is still up and I don't want to take another picture in front of the tree and be all embarrassed!! :) Anyway, here it is!


If you haven't noticed, I am posting a lot of different things because I haven't updated in awhile. I have another blog that I use for baby stuff and other things, but I just want this strictly about baby, or as much about baby. Anyway, I am updating it with some posts from my other blog.

Our little girl's name

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to use our family name of Bratton for a middle name for one of our baby's. It is my great grandmother's name and I have always loved it for some reason. Now that I am really pregnant and it's a girl, I started looking at other names and I have found some that I really like as well and go better with Moira. I love the name Moira more and more everyday. At first I wasn't sure, but now I absolutely love it. So I went looking for Gaelic girls names to go with Moira just for fun one day and I found the name Rowan. I love it!!! It's so pretty and it fits really nicely with Moira. I am back and forth about what to use now, but I am really leaning towards Rowan for her middle name.
I am also the biggest dork because of my husband the Lord of the Rings lover he is. I love two names from that story/movie Arwen and Eowyn. They are just so pretty and I am a dork I know, but I love them!!:) I think we will probably stick with Rowan though.
Here is the meaning of it

The girl's name Rowan \ro-wan\, also used as boy's name Rowan, is pronounced ROH-an. It is of Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "red-berrytree".

Rowan has 3 variant forms: Roanna, Roanne and Rowen.

Baby names that sound like Rowan are Rhyan, Roana, Rona, Ronay, Ronae, Rowena, Rowina, Ryan and Rian.

Rowan is a very rare female first name and a very popular surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census). Displayed below is the baby name popularity trend for the girl's name Rowan. Compare Rowan with related baby names.

The meaning of Moira

The girl's name Moira \mo(i)-ra\ is pronounced MOY-rah. It is of English origin. Variant of Maire (Irish, Gaelic), from Mary (Latin) "star of the sea". See also Mayra and Myra.

Moira has 2 variant forms: Moire and Moyra.

For more information, see also related names Moya, Maura and Maureen.

Baby names that sound like Moira are Mira, Maira, Mora and Meira.

Moira is a popular female first name and a very rare surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census). Displayed below is the baby name popularity trend for the girl's name Moira. Compare Moira with related baby names.



We have our nephew Josh here with us this weekend. He will be 10 at the end of February. He was going to stay one night but because of the snow we are getting, he will also be here tonight too. We have tomorrow off of work, so that's good. I am being a total bum so far today. I REALLY need to take down my Christmas tree. Yes, you heard that right, I still have it up and it's real!! We had it cut down fresh, so it will stay alive forever. I have just been so lazy in getting it down. I think I will do it today.

I have been looking at a bunch of different cloth diaper sites last night and today. I have decided I am also going to do some prefold diapers with the covers as well as the AIO and pockets that I have already. It is just more economical and better on my wallet as well. I have about 19 size small AIO and pockets and I have about 10 xs/nb AIO and pockets too. I do have about 10 Kissaluv fitteds, which I bought pretty early on. The person who sold them to me told me they were in good shape and they looked good in the picture, but when I got them they were more worn than I thought. They are size small and will probably be back ups. I have to get some covers for them as well.
So, I have been looking at going with either the Chinese prefolds or the Indian prefolds, can't decide. I found that green mountain diapers has the best deals for buying them seperately, but that Nicki's diapers has good package deals. I am also going to get the snappis too to try out as well. I am thinking I will get the prorap covers for newborn sizes and infant sizes. They are really affordable. I might buy a few other kinds that are colorful and pretty but they are expensive new, so I will have to find those used on DS or somewhere.

Our cat Ozy, he is the youngest of the 5, got pink eye or something. We noticed on Thursday his eye was swollen when we got home from work. We decided to wait and see how it was Friday, it was still swollen in the morning so I figured if it was when I got home on Friday I would call the vet. Our cats get stuff in their eyes all of the time, but they usually don't last too long. So, I called the vet when I got home and took him in on Saturday morning. He didn't have a scratch on his eye, which was good, but it was red and swollen. So I got eye drops and ointment for him. One is an antibiotic and the other is an anti-inflammatory. His eye already looks way better today, but we have to give him the meds. all week to make sure. He was so good at the vet, way more alert and social than the other cats. He is just so funny.

That's about it. Snowing here again. I really don't mind though!!:)

Have a good day!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Just been busy lately and tired and whatever.
Last week was just weird because it was our first week back to work after vacation. I was all set and ready to get back into our routine and bam.....Monday morning, 2 hour delay because of ice, Wednesday no school because of snow and ice, and Thursday 2 hour delay because we ended up getting more snow overnight that made it hard to clean up. UGH! Wednesday I had a dentist appointment and Friday I had an OB appointment. It went well. My blood pressure wasn't great, but it was lower than last time. Moira is growing nicely and her heartbeat was 140 BPM. When the tech. put the doppler on my belly on one side she kicked it and then she moved it to the other side, she kicked it again! It was funny. I don't ever get tired of hearing her heartbeat and seeing her. I am really hoping they give me another ultrasound. I forgot to ask my OB. She is so cool and laid back. I went to the hospital a little early so I could sit and relax and read a book to hopefully have my blood pressure be lower and like I said, it worked a little. So I got there at 2:45 and my appointment was at 3:45, my OB was backed up a little. Her student saw me around 4:15 ish and then my OB didn't make it in to see me until almost 4:45pm. UGH! Oh well, I wasn't in a hurry and I really didn't care. The worst part was my ride home and it took me over an hour to get home because of traffic on a Friday. I got home and I was soooo crabby. I didn't want to talk to anyone or make any decisions. We ate pizza and just relaxed.
Saturday I did a BIG shopping trip and had to go to the butcher to get meat too. We have a cool butcher sort of near us that has good prices on meat. I had to get meat for us and steak for Dave to make chili for a chili cookoff he was in today. When I got home we hung out and then went over to our neighbors house for a few hours. Today we got up, Dave used the snowblower since we got snow and also made chili. We left for his chili cookoff. He came in 3rd place and got $25. It was fun.
I made a yummy dinner with help from Dave. I breaded some chicken which Dave cut into small slices, with flour, pepper, and garlic powder. Then I fried it up, made some pasta with some brocoli. Then Dave helped me make a sauce with chicken broth, white wine, and some butter in the pan where the chicken was cooked. Once the sauce was ready we mixed the pasta, brocoli, and chicken all together with some parm. cheese. Yummy!!! It was so good and there is enough leftover that I can take some for lunch tomorrow.
Now I need to finish laundry or try because it's getting late and then we have to get the trash out for tomorrow. Fun!!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow day

We had yet another snow day today. Lots of ice, etc. I do have to go out for a dentist appointment at 3:15, but it's just up the road from us, maybe 2 minutes. So, no big deal!

We downloaded Skype yesterday and it is so cool! Now I just have to wait for my mom to get her webcam working again and her microphone. She is having issues with it and can't seem to do it right! It is so cool though. We talked with our friend Peter today in Boston with our webcam and the computer. Very cool and totally free call because he has it too. Dave and I are actually thinking of using it as our phone line for awhile because it is so much cheaper than a regular land line. Right now our land line is a cable phone anyway, set up through our cable/internet. So, it wouldn't be any different than now, just a lot cheaper. We are looking at ways we can cut back for at least a year or maybe a little longer. Our cable/internet/phone package is ridiculous. So, I think we are also going to either cancel our cable or just really cut back. I am ready to give up the DVR for awhile. I LOVE it, but we have Netflix, internet, and our XBOX 360. The majority of the shows we like to watch now are online too. We'll see.......

Dave felt Moira kick today!! We were laying in bed and she was moving around and my belly was moving a little too. So he put his hand on and he FINALLY felt her. It was more of her moving around and moving my belly than an actualy kick, but it was better than nothing at all!! I get nervous when I don't feel her much at all. I know it's still early for her to really be kicking, but I really want to be feeling her kick like crazy!:)
Alright, I guess I should take a shower or something. I REALLY need to take down the Christmas tree decorations, I just hate doing it. I would much rather put them up!!

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


YAY! I just ordered the 8 Bum Genius pink diapers from the woman on diaperswappers. They look so nice from the pictures!! I am also going to buy some VERY cute diapers from my friend Jen! She has 3 more xs and 3 more smalls! I have no idea if I am going to need xs with Moira or not, but I figure it doesn't hurt. I already have 5 xs/nb sizes right now, so I figure a few more of those and then the rest I will buy smalls. I am hoping I can buy a few mediums too after I get a good stash of smalls. I want to have a few med. on hand. Yay for diapers!!:) I don't have that many right now, so I am getting nervous!!! Only 4 months, 122 days, until my little Moira is born. I can't believe it and there is just so much to do!!We started cleaning out the junk room this weekend. There were so many boxes and crap in there that we haven't touched since we moved here. We got rid of so much stuff, just junk!! Three large trash bags and about 4 or 5 smaller trash bags. Yesterday Dave went out back and burned close to 20 empty boxes in our fire pit. We were so proud of ourselves. There is still a lot more to do, but we are making progress!!

Back to work tomorrow. I feel ready to go though. It will be nice to get back into a routine.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Much better.....

I finally went to sleep and then we slept until almost 11am!! YAY! It wasn't the best sleep, but it was sleep at least. I just found a woman selling 8 pink Bum Genius diapers for $65, not sure if that includes shipping or not, but I think it does. Way better than the other woman I was dealing with!! She was going to sell me 5 for $40 plus $10 shipping, so $50 for 5 and I will pay this woman $65 for 8. I think that sounds like a better deal than the first! I just have to hear back from the woman to make sure, but I will probably buy them!!:) Below is the link to the diapers. They look like they are in really good shape too!!:)

It's 2am......

I woke up around 12:30 and I can't get back to sleep. I had only been a asleep a few hours. Now I am awake and sitting on the couch with my computer. UGH! Oh well....I am sure I will fall asleep again soon.
I am pissed at this woman on diaper swappers. I have been e-mailing her for the last two days about some bum genius dipes I really wanted. I asked her about shipping, she wasn't sure, then she started talking about some fuzzi bunz she had, did I want any, etc. etc. I told her I wanted to see the pictures of the Fuzzi Bunz, but that I was still interested in the Bum Genius. She was taking forever to get back to me on the FB and the shipping costs. We went and had dinner with our neighbors around 5:30ish and hung out there. When we got home around 10pm, she had e-mailed me twice saying she had someone else interested in them, do I want them, blah blah. I said I wanted the ones but also wanted to see the pictures. I didn't want to pay her for them and then have to pay for the FB. Anyway, I went to bed after that. Just now when I woke up, I had 4 e-mails from her saying she needed an answer, blah blah. Because I went to bed and didn't get back to her, she sold them!! Everyone I have dealt with on DS has been awesome and has never once sold something I was interested in right from under me like that. I wrote back and I was a little mad because I told her I didn't realize she was going to sell them so quickly like that and that I would have paid her for them yesterday if I would have known. I told her I was going to pass on the FB. I was already feeling like she was charging a little too much for the dipes anyway. She originally wanted 10 per dipe and I asked her if she would take 8 per dipe if I bought more than one. I have bought from a few people who will take that and it includes shipping. She started talking about more for shipping and I was realizing it was going to get more expensive. AHHH!! Oh well!! I will look for some more. They were so cute though!!
Am I being unreasonable here? Is this normal? Like I said, everyone else I have dealt with has been nice! I even dealt with a woman who waited 3 days for my money to clear in paypal, with me not realizing that if I would have just used the savings account attached to my paypal, that would have been funded paypal as well. I figured it out after that, but still the woman waited for my money to clear and didn't sell the dipes from under me. I kept in contact with her the whole time!!
Ok, not worth it to dwell on it now. I am so tired anyway and a bit hormonal, no big deal!!