Thursday, August 12, 2010

Charlotte's Story--Bringing our rainbow home!

Charlotte was conceived about 5 months after we lost Moira. We couldn't believe how quickly we got pregnant with her and we were so excited and scared of course. I had a closely watched pregnancy with blood pressure checks, ultrasounds, NST's, and OB appointments. Plus my OB was always an e-mail away if I had any questions. Her and my high risk OB wanted nothing more then to bring us a healthy baby safely!
Our plan was to have a repeat c-section so that we could hopefully deliver Charlotte on June 4th, the start of my 37th week. We went in that morning by 8am for an ultrasound and amnio with the high risk doctor to check her lung maturity. My OB was there as well, she is the one who delivered Moira, so this was a big day for her too. After the amnio, we were to wait on the results over in Labor & Delivery triage, that way if we got the go ahead we would be ready to go.

Last picture of Charlotte and I together!
Waiting to hear if she would be joining us that day!

They promised us we should know the results by 10am. Both of my OB's left us with hugs and fingers crossed and we waited in triage. 10 am rolled around and still no results, and so we waited! I was STARVING, but this was all for a good cause! I couldn't even have any water to drink. I think around 11 or 11:30 we got the results of the amnio and Charlotte's lungs were VERY mature and ready to go!! The prepping began, my OB was so excited and went to change into her scrubs while they prepped me. We had to wait on the anesthesiologist to come and prep. me as well. They were called to an emergency, but had already come in to talk to us and have me sign the paperwork. Finally by 12:30 we were ready to roll! They took me into the OR and Dave got his scrubs on. The anesthesiologist was amazing! She held my hand and one of the nurses let me hug her and my OB sat on the bed next to me while they started the spinal. Once that was in and they prepped me, Dave was aloud to come in. The whole process was relaxed, calming, and such a different experience. The anesthesiologist sat next to me and held my hand some more while they were prepping me before Dave came in, once he was in, she was close by to help us out. I was a mess while they were cutting me open. I was so scared and excited and crying. Dave was amazing, holding my hand, wiping my tears, kissing me, and telling me it was going to be alright. I remember asking my OB how it was going, and she said we were close. Next thing I know I felt tons of pulling, but it was so different then what I felt when they were delivering Moira. It didn't hurt as much and of course it didn't seem as rushed. All of a sudden I heard some gurgles and my OB shouting to get the suction and then the best sound in the world filled that OR. My screaming rainbow baby!!!

My beautiful screaming baby!
1:10pm 8lbs 1.4oz, 20inches

I lost it! I kept telling my OB that I all I wanted was to hear her scream and scream she did. She let us know she was not happy about being pulled out of my warm belly. Dave stood up and got to see her and told me she was beautiful. They took her to clean her up and Dave joined them. Charlotte was screaming the whole time and I was crying. Dave brought her over to me wrapped up like a burrito and she was still screaming and I told him I wanted to kiss her! He brought her close to me and I kissed her face and talked to her and she immediately stopped crying. She heard her mama's voice and knew everything was going to be alright.

We are a family!

After our little family met for the first time, they had to whisk her away and so Dave followed while I was sewed up. The anesthesiologist came and sat with me again. She kept telling me how beautiful Charlotte was and how strong I was to have gone through all of this. Everyone in the delivery room was aware of our history, so it made it that much more of a special delivery for us!
Once I was in recovery, I kept asking when I could see Charlotte. Finally the nurse called down and we found out her sugars were low so they were bringing Charlotte to me to breastfeed and have some skin to skin. Finally the moment I had been waiting for!! Charlotte latched on like a pro and the beginning of a wonderful relationship began!

Mama & baby together at last!

Our happy little family
We battled with her sugars being low, a nurse that wanted to give her a bottle instead of supplementing at the breast, jaundice, supplementing with formula, and then finally bringing our rainbow home!!

Finally going home! Charlotte didn't like the car seat!


Prather Family said...

I had tears in my eyes reading this Alison. Despite all the sorrow, this is such a happy story to tell. I know Moira was watching over you all that day and she continues to smile down. What a beautiful birth story!!!

Frustrated Fairy said...

Such a lovely story :D Did bring a tear to my eye but very very wonderful!

Lori said...

Love, love, love and love even more this beautiful birth story!!!!

She is just GORGEOUS!!!!

Holly said...

I'm so glad you shared!!! What a great day to finally meet her in person and hold her and kiss her.

fiftyfinally said...

I'm sitting here sobbing reading your blog grandson was born 6 weeks premature due to blood in the amnio fluid if it wasn't for the ambulance, airplane on standby, a break in some really bad weather conditions and emerg c-section ....well i just don't want to think about THAT. Seeing a baby with all those tubes and monitors is a nightmare nobody can ever forget. The staff in neonatal units are a special breed aren't they?