Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm still around.

I am here, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. I have just been busy and have had a lot going on lately.
I am currently 20 weeks 5 days pregnant and starting to feel baby Charlotte moving a lot more. She will sometimes startle me and have a party in my belly. It seems like her kicks and movements are getting stronger, which I LOVE!!!
Here I am at 20 weeks 1 day, last Saturday.

I have started taking a knitting class. I am so excited. It's Tuesday nights from 7-9, which for me is a little late, but it's fun and I love the place where I am taking classes. Last night I was doing so well, that my teacher got me started on my first project. I am making a blanket for Charlotte. I picked out a multi-colored yarn that I hope will look nice when it's done. I am hoping that I can learn to make a hat that matches after I am done. I eventually want to learn how to make shorties and longies, etc. for Charlotte to wear with her diapers! A friend of mine offered to make me a soaker for Charlotte, so I bought the yarn and sent it to her. I can't wait to get it!!
I found a wonderful woman on Hyena Cart who makes beautiful shorties, longies, etc. Wool Baby Knits is the name of the store.
Here is a picture of the shorties! They are so adorable.

I have been trying to decide what I want to get for a coming home outfit for Charlotte. I have tons of clothes, but I just want to get a few things that I bought just for her.
This is what I want for sure!

I also picked out a few little things from Carters, so we'll see. I am going to get the Gymboree outfit for sure. I am hoping it will go on sale. They are having a sale now, but that outfit isn't on sale. Hmmm.....what to do!? If I bought it now, I could get double Gym Bucks, so I don't know.

Today we have a snow day, but the snow hasn't started yet. It's supposed to get going soon though and be really bad tonight!
Next week is our vacation week and I am so looking forward to the week off. We are going to make some day trips and maybe go down to see my in-laws. Other than that, sleeping in will be in order. Today right now, I am lounging in bed. I am getting hungry, so I think I might venture downstairs to figure out some breakfast. I also want to work on my blanket for Charlotte.


Lisette said...

I am so glad to see you are doing well. You look so cute. Take care, have fun on your vacation and get some rest.

Mary said...

You look great. My mom and grandmother knit. I have not picked up a needle since I was a kid. I didn't appreciate it back then. It was boring to me. I am thinking of picking it up now. It is definitely a beautiful craft.

Holly said...

More than halfway there! Hope you have fun at your knitting class!

Sarah Rosnes said...

Saw your blog on She Knows (I was lurking as I had my babe July 09) and wanted to say Gymboree is having a big baby sale starting Thursday, so buy the outfit then!