Friday, February 20, 2009

Bedding and nursery decor!!

On Monday while I was in Michigan, my mom and I went to IKEA and I finally decided on the bedding and decor for Moira's room! YAY!! I was so excited and happy to finally get it done!!

This is the bedding only in pink.

This is the bumper

These are the curtains

We got the gingham pillow and it matches a heart on the bedding

We got this towel because it matches too!!:)

We got these fitted sheets in light green, light blue, and pink.
I liked that the fitted sheets came in packs of two, so we got six fitted crib sheets! That way we will have enough to start with in case she wets the bed or whatever. I will probably get a few more packs of them too!!
We got a few other things too!! We got so much more for our money going to IKEA instead of Target or BRU.
I love the bedding and everything else. It's whimsical!! I like that it matches, but it doesn't. It isn't too much pink, just in the bedding and the rest of it has greens, blues, reds, etc. I think we are going to paint the walls pale green and the trim a cream color. I can't wait to get it all. My mom still has to send it all out to me.

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