Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today I felt the baby give me the tiniest little nudge while I was sitting at lunch! What a nice feeling that was!! Made me feel a little better since I have been so anxious lately. I felt Moira at 14 weeks and I really haven't felt this baby much. I know every baby is different, but when you are a loss mom, every little thing makes you anxious!
At the end of the day, the dull headache I had all day got worse. It was awful! I thought I would pass out. After running to the store for some more Tylenol and paying our mortgage, I came home and went to bed. I put a cold cloth over my head and fell asleep. It feels much better now!!
I had the nurse at school check my BP this morning and it was 117/62! Whoo hoo!
Also today was a little weird. We went to our neighbor's house to pick up the rest of our baby stuff. They had been storing it at their house since I was in the hospital with Moira. Them and two other friends had gone to our house while we were in the hospital and cleaned up all of the baby stuff, the pack and play, swing, bouncy seat, car seat, etc. All of that stuff was out in our house. Not all of it was set up yet, but it was there. Now we have it back. I thought I would be sad, but it felt good to have it all at home. SO, for now it's stored in the nursery. It's so hard to call it the nursery, I pause a lot and call it Moira's room. I mean, it is Moira's room, but it will also be this little baby's room too. So, now I just try to call it the nursery. It's hard. Don't get me wrong, I actually can't wait to have this baby in the nursery. It's beautiful!! I am dying to use it!! I WANT to use it!!
Check out this post, it has a few pictures of it!


Elizabeth said...

I'm really happy for you. It will be a bit difficult using Maoira'a stuff for the new baby but it will be good to use it. One thing that may help with the nursery issue is getting a couple of name plates. One with Moira's name and one with the new baby's name. Put the new baby's on the door to the bedroom and pick a special place somewhere else in the house to put Moira's. I have a name plate on Adison's door and one on Nikola's door. And Connor's (though might sound odd) in the half bath because its one of the most used rooms in the house and everyone will see his name. I also have name plates for me and Adam. Mine is in our master bath and Adam's is in the guest bath.

Prather Family said...

That is so neat that baby bean is moving around and you can feel it. That is the best feeling in the world, isn't it?

I bet it is nice to get your baby stuff back and begin to prepare for Rainbow baby to use it all. Moira's room is beautiful and I'm sure she is happy to let her new sister or brother share it with her.

Holly said...

How awesome to feel those little kicks! They are so reassuring!! I'm glad that all the baby stuff doesn't make you sad.

Debbie said...

I remember the nursery-- all of the whimsical bedding from IKEA! I can't wait for you to use it either, Alison! <3

I am glad you have your things home. And that baby! Yay! Start kicking momma, little bean!