Saturday, January 23, 2010

update and baby pictures!!

OK, here is a quick update! We had our ultrasound yesterday. We were in there for an hour!! The tech. was very good!! She checked at least 4 times to make sure baby really is a girl! It was awesome! She checked in the beginning and then towards the end and no little penis popped out, so she is almost 100% sure. My peri happened to be there, so the tech. checked in with her and then she ended up coming in to see us. We were a little worried that she was coming in, but she said everything looks great and there were a few measurements that weren't really clear because baby was moving so much. :) So, she wants me to come back in 4 weeks to check again and make sure baby is growing like she should be. I think she is just being extra careful with us, which is fine with me!
After that, we went to see my OB. She was so happy for us too.

It is looking like we are going with Charlotte Eowyn (A-o-win). Eowyn is from Lord of the Rings, Dave's all time favorite story, movie, etc.! She is a warrior and Dave said this baby girl is his warrior who will come home with us. He is very adamant that we use Eowyn for that reason and I don't want to fight him! Plus, I really like the name. We also like the idea of the nickname Charlie or Charley or something like that for the spelling for Charlotte.

Here are some pics of our little Charlotte!

Baby girl parts!!

Profile picture!


Franchesca Cox said...

What a gorgeous little girl!!! I LOVE the name Eowyn! Very well done on the name :) It is so perfect!


-T said...

I love love love the nickname Charley for her!! My friend has two little girls; Charlize and Francesca....AKA Charlie and Frankie! Congrats again and what a beautiful little GIRL she is!!! *hugs*

Mary said...

I love Charlie or Charley as a nickname. My husband's SIL is nicknamed Charlie. They nicknamed her with a boys name because she was always helping her dad around the house.

jill said...

I love the pics....and the name is both adorable and fitting!!!! Can't wait to see pics of you holding her in your arms in your home!!!!

Holly said...

She's beautiful!! I love her name and the uniqueness of it!!