Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Now that I am back to work, I don't have much time for my daily blogging, reading blogs, Facebook, etc. I think my husband is happy with that!! ;o) The week has been crazy and we have only had the kids two days this week and we have Friday off. Monday was professional development, so it wasn't bad. The student's schedules are all screwy, so it's made the start of the school year even more hectic than usual. It's OK, I smile and go where I am told. I have had more free time at work then I would normally have, but I have been filling my days. I came home Tuesday after having just a crazy, busy day, not stressful, just lots of running around. My blood pressure was 150/100 and that was with my medication that morning. So, I decided I should probably take it 3 times a day instead of two and my doctor had said I could do this if it was continuing to be sort of borderline or high. So, today I took it again around lunch time and then took my blood pressure at the end of the day before going home and it was 130/82, much better. So, I think at least for now I will take the meds. 3 times a day and see how that goes.

I was so anxious and nervous all last week about returning to work. My post-loss job, where I was pregnant the whole school year. How were people going to react to me, what would they say, what would I say, how would I feel sitting at my desk again?? I had a few panic attacks last week and was very, very nervous the first day. After going to the district wide opening day meeting, I headed over to the jr. high and we had our school meeting. Everyone was coming up to me, hugging me, welcoming me back, saying how happy they were to have me back, and also say how sorry they were. It felt so good and I felt so loved!

Anyway, I also have to just put in here that I hope you all will say some prayers for this family.
I have no words for the loss they are experiencing right now. Mirne, if you read this I am so, so, sorry for this horrible loss you are experiencing right now. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

I hope to try and update a little more often, but I have been so exhausted after work this week! Hope everyone is enjoying the start of fall. Hard to believe summer is over.


beth said...

Hope your bp starts to level out soon!

And, read about the family you cited...omg, how does all that happen to one couple? My heart breaks for them..they will be in my prayers.

The Blue Sparrow said...

Im so glad that your back to work experience went well! Im hope your bp situation works itself out soon for you. PS Moira is beautiful and you should be very proud of her. She's stunning.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad going back to work wasn't to bad for you. And I'm praying your bp gets better. *hugs*

Prather Family said...

I can understand how your days are going to change now and you will have far less time for us in the "online" world. I hope you can still catch up now and then and I wish you luck with your school year.

I actually have more time for the internet at work since I have a desk job but once I get home things are too hectic and I maybe get a chance to check my mail 1 time during the night. LOL