Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Charlotte is 2 months old!

I can't believe my little girl is 2 months old already. We have less then a month left before I go back to work and C starts daycare. Sigh.....not what I want to do, but it's what I have to do. Let's see.....we are getting lots of great smiles and hoping to hear a laugh soon. No rolling over yet because she still isn't fond of tummy time. Charlotte has lots more awake time though, which is nice when she is in a good mood and we can "play." I've been trying to give her more floor time, both on her back and her tummy, shaking toys in front of her, talking to her, singing, and playing music too. She really loves her vibrating bouncy seat and she'll sit in it while I make breakfast or lunch or while I take a shower. Napping still isn't the best, but we are getting there. Some days are great and other days not so much. Sleeping at night has been good though. Once she is down for the night, which is anywhere between 8:30 and 10pm, she will go anywhere from 5-6 1/2 hours, wake for a feeding, and then back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. We had been snuggling in bed and sleeping until 9 or 10am, but I've started getting up with her between 7 & 8am. That way I can get some good awake time for a shower for me and playtime with her. Most days she will take a nap sometime between 9:30 and 10:30am and I then I can pump and get a few things done around the house. After dinner lately, it's been cool outside, so we have been taking a walk. It's usually her cranky time, but she loves riding in her stroller for a walk. Now that she is focusing more, she loves looking around. When we get home, we get ready for a tubby if it's bath night and then snuggle in bed for some nursing and relaxing.
In two weeks we are going away for our Cape Cod vacation and then Charlotte and I will leave from there to go to Michigan for a few days for my brother's wedding. we will have a busy week and a half. Dave and I are excited to take her to the beach and Dave really wants to take her in the ocean, so we are going to look for a nice baby floaty for her to use. I can't wait!
Anyway, that's how Charlotte is doing!
I will leave you with some cuteness!


Prather Family said...

It is amazing how fast they grow. She sounds like she is doing great and you are working hard to do all the right things. You are a great mommy and I'm sure Moira is proud of you. Enjoy your vacation and I hope that transition back to work goes better than you think. (((Hugs)))

Holly said...

They get big so quickly!!!!