Sunday, August 8, 2010

Make your own cloth wipe solution

In our house we use cloth diapers. Since before I was pregnant with Moira, I knew I wanted to use them. I did tons of research and got lots of help from friends and some great websites. I worked on my stash of diapers for her and I couldn't wait to use them! When Charlotte came around, my long awaited cloth diapers were now going to be used! I couldn't wait! I also decided to try out cloth wipes.

I found this a woman on Diaper Swappers who makes wonderful wipes. I am not creative in any way, so Eli's Wipes are great for me. What I like about her wipes, as opposed to just flannel wipes, is she backs them with sherpa, velour, and a few other types of materials. These make the wipes thicker and nicer when wiping that wonderful breastmilk poo! I have a mixed variety of velour and sherpa. I have decided that I prefer the sherpa over the velour, so when I placed my last order from her I ordered all flannel/sherpa wipes. I only started out with about 30 wipes and now that we are using them on a regular basis I need more to get through a few days. I just placed an order for 45 more wipes! I am hoping that these will last us a little longer.
After doing a lot of research online for a good wipe solution to use with my cloth wipes, I decided on a combination of Burt's Bees baby wash, water, and Burt's Bees baby oil. I use the handy dandy squirt bottles that I swiped while we were in the hospital and they work great!!

After I have assembled my supplies, the first thing I do is fill the squirt bottle halfway with water. Then I add a few drops of baby oil and a few squirts of baby wash.

Then I fill the squirt bottle up and shake to mix. Before each use, I give the bottle a shake to mix it up before I squirt some on the wipe!

So, that's what I do for my cloth wipes and wiping my baby's bum! We've had no diaper rashes since using cloth diapers and her bum smells fresh and clean after she's wiped up! Now I'll leave you with a bit of cuteness!!


russellbug said...

This is awesome! I was just wondering today about a good mix for wipes. And awesome, we still have our bottle from the hospital too, that is such a great idea.

Lori said...

Oh my word is that cuteness SO precious?!?!

I had my stash of cloth ready for Matthew and am so hopeful to have the opportunity to use them for Luke. People said I'm crazy, but that's fine--when they see how happy he is and how rash-free we are, not to mention how much we save, they'll change their mind!

Love the recipe for the wipe solution. I have the Warmies Wipe Warmer but wasn't necessarily in love with the recipes they sent. Like yours much better!!!

Mary said...

She is so precious. I may have to look into the cloth.

Prather Family said...

WTG momma!!! You are doing an amazing job. The more and more I hear about cloth, I think I would want to use them for our next baby if there is a next one. You make it look easy to figure everything out. Charlotte is so lucky to have you as a mommy.

Lisette said...

She is just too precious!

Holly said...

I have Eli's wipes too! :) I have flannel and terry wipes though. Although I got some of the facial rounds in OBV and sherpa and they are soooo soft! I've been tempted to get wipes with OBV and sherpa too!!