Monday, August 9, 2010

Nighttime Diapering

This has been a discussion in our house as Charlotte has gotten older and has been sleeping longer stretches occasionally. I asked some friends and did some research on how to to stop the leaking and having to change her diaper during that early morning feeding. Her jammies were getting wet and when I had to change the diaper AND her jammies, she woke up more and thought it was playtime! I was hoping I could use something that I already have as opposed to buying something new. I currently use Bum Genius One Size diapers, mostly their 3.0 diapers, but I just recently bought some of the new 4.0 diapers. I also have some small Fuzzi Bunz old style and new style diapers. Both of these diapers are pocket diapers and you can stuff them with extra inserts, etc. to help with heavy wetting.

Tonight I will start with a small Fuzzi Bunz pocket diaper.

I decided to try a newborn insert along with a newborn prefold diaper stuffed into the pocket. So far we have gone 3 nights and no leaks and no early morning diaper and PJ changes. This makes for a happy mommy since we can go back to bed after that early morning feeding. This also makes for a happy baby since she isn't soaked! :)

After I stuff the newborn insert into the diaper, then I stuff the newborn prefold on top of the insert.
Then I have my nighttime diaper ready to put on the cute baby! It's a little thicker then her regular diaper, but so far it's been working!


Frustrated Fairy said...

Wool wraps totally rock for night time too :D

Holly said...

Glad you found a good nite dipe!