Thursday, March 5, 2009


We got home from work today and there were TWO packages from my mom sitting on our porch!! YAY!!! My mommy finally sent the bedding and nursery stuff that we bought at IKEA when I was home a few weeks ago. YAY!!! I told her she had to send it right away because we needed to start thinking about paint and I have to try and match a color for the walls. I am so excited to have it all here with me now. I think this weekend we are going to go and order the crib and changing table/dresser. I can't set them up yet, but having them ordered will make me feel better. I bet by the time we get them, we should be able to set them up. Next weekend our friend is coming to fix the walls with us and then it's painting and getting the closet ready. Then we need to buy a rug for the room and then set it up!! AHHHH!!! It is all becoming so real now!

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Melissa said...

isn't it so exciting to get things ready?! i think we had Mikayla's room ready 3 months early :-) a friend of mine uses cloth diapers and is going to be selling some covers that she's making- thought i'd give you her etsy website incase you needed more! (they arent posted for sale yet, but i've seen pictures and they're great!