Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My mom left on Monday afternoon and we had a really nice visit. Friday we went to the Eric Carle Museum and shopping at Home Depot to spend our gift card on closet shelves, etc. for Moira's room. Saturday was my shower at my in-law's house. It was very nice, relaxing, and laid back. We got some good stuff!! Dave's Aunt, who is also his godmother, really hooked us up. She got us the high chair, a bouncy seat, some blankets, a sleep sack, a diaper pail, and some wipes. We also got the swing we wanted from Dave's sister and brother and families. It is so cute!! Dave's sister had bought it for their daughter and I fell in love with it when I saw it. So, I immediatley changed our swing on our registry!!:o)
Here is the link to it!
Sunday we spent the day working on the baby's room, finishing up some painting, hanging the curtains, and Dave put together the dresser/changing table. There is still some more to do to put the room together, but it is nice to be taking a break from it these past few days.
I am currently sitting on my new birth ball that I just bought at Wal-mart. It is really comfy to just sit on while I am sitting at the computer. I bought a bunch of trial size toiletry stuff to pack for our hospital bag. That feels good to have that ready to go. I want to start getting my bag packed in the next week, just in case. I went to Old Navy too and they are have a big $5 baby sale and I got 6 outfits for Moira for $40. I bought all 3-6 month sizes in case she does come out a little bigger. If she doesn't, the outfits will just be a little big on her!! I also bought some tennis balls that our birth class nurse suggested for massage and to put two of them in a sock.
Last night was our last class and she showed us different massagers and techniques to use during labor, including using our partners for support, and the birth ball. It was a good class.
Last week we had our tour of the L & D floor which was really nice and made it all feel much more real! I do have to get my pictures from the shower on the computer. My plan is to do that tonight.

This weekend, on Saturday, is my last shower with my friends at our neighbor's house. I am looking forward to it!
Hope you all are doing well!

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