Monday, March 30, 2009


We went and got our stroller/car seat yesterday along with the rug for the baby's room and a bunch of other errands. We left around 11:45am and got home around 4:30pm. I was so tired, but determined to set up the stroller. I started doing it, but there were these little pins that you had to stick into a little hole in order to hold the back wheels on. I struggled, Dave tried helping me and got one on with LOTS of swearing, and then struggled with the 2nd one. He gave up and got annoyed. I got annoyed and wanted the darn thing put together. I tried doing it and then that was it, I lost it. I was BAWLING!! Tears running down my face, that sort of hyper ventilating cry, snot in my nose, everything. I wanted the stroller put together so badly, it was awful. Dave felt bad, started at it again. Finally got the pin in there and got it together. I started crying again because I was glad he got it together. Then we finished putting it together. That wasn't the last of it. I started crying a little later because my back hurt, because I was overwhelmed by our laundry, and then later on when Dave was helping me put clean sheets on our bed, I lost it again because I was tired, overwhelmed, and my back hurt. Finally I went and took a shower at 9:30pm and then passed out by 10ish and slept almost through the night for once. I woke up at some point and had to go to the bathroom, but I was so tired I didn't get up. Finally at 5:30 this morning I woke up and my stomach hurt so bad because I had to go so badly that I was like a little old lady trying to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. So, needless to say, yesterday was probably one of my WORST emotional days yet! Yikes!! Later I was laughing with Dave because he was trying to make me laugh to cheer me up. He was awesome about it!!

That's my story!! Thanks for listening!

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