Thursday, April 2, 2009

afternoon in labor and delivery

So, today I had to go in for a nurse apt. because on Friday my BP had creaped up some more 126/90, so the dr. I saw, not mine because she was on call, wanted me to come in this week so I wouldn't go two weeks without my BP being checked. I see my OB on April 10th. I went in today, BP was 144/96!! YIKES!! It went up a lot. They sent me to L & D to have an NST and blood work. Moira passed the NST with flying colors, she was moving, kicking, and her HB was good too. My blood work was good, but now I have to do ANOTHER 24 hour urine collection. Should be interesting since I work in a Jr. High. They did say I don't have to refrigerate the urine, which I had been told I had to do before. I was trying to imagine keeping the urine in the fridge in the teacher's room.
I am going to be staying home tomorrow to do the urine sample because otherwise I would have to carry around a bag while at school with my urine and collection hat so that I can use it every time I have to go to the bathroom, which is a lot lately. I don't want to because I am so close to being done with work, but if I do take the day, I will take it unpaid. I only have a few sick/personal days left and I want to save those to use for a week of my maternity leave. I am not getting paid leave. I was hoping to use the sick bank to get paid, but that isn't going to happen. Luckily we have our tax money to use.

I was so worried that they were going to be keeping me at the hospital for bed rest. They were saying that if my blood work didn't come back normal, that I would be staying! UGH! I was going over in my head what I would need Dave to bring me!!

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