Sunday, April 26, 2009


* I am tired! I spent last night in L & D because my right foot/ankle was totally swollen, but my left wasn't. They wanted me to come in and everything is fine now. I was there from 9:30pm-1:40am

* Both of my feet, ankles, and legs, are swollen today.

* I am cranky and crabby for no reason.

* I have a headache too.

* It's hot here and I am 10 times hotter than it really is, so I am glad I won't be pregnant all summer long.

* I want this baby to come today!!!:)

* Dave thinks that I am going to go into labor soon because my mood has changed the last few days. I was contracting last night while in L & D, but didn't feel anything.

* Tuesday I am going to check out a store about 45 minutes from our house that has cloth diapers and supplies, wooden toys, slings, etc. I am so excited!! I want to see if they have a wet bag and/or diaper pail liner too.

* Sorry for complaining. I am in that kind of mood. I can't even wear my flip flops.

* I am glad I don't have to work tomorrow. Yay!!

* I got the car seat installed today at the police station, it makes me feel so much better that it's in their safely and correctly!

*OK, I am tired and I am going to bed soon, even though it's 8pm.

*Thanks for listening!

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