Saturday, April 4, 2009

update on my BP

Yesterday I had an appt. with my regular OB. My BP was a little better than it was on Tuesday when I saw the nurse. Today it was 136/90 and Tuesday it was 144/96 and that is when they sent me to L & D, etc. My 24 hour urine test results came back within normal limits so that's good too!
So, my OB said that she doesn't see me going to my due date, whether she induces me or Moira comes on her own. She said we are going to try to avoid induction because I would rather Moira come on her own. If it means the health of both of us, then I will take the induction. She said if we get to 39/40 weeks and Moira hasn't come yet and my BP is increasing, then we'll induce.
It was a good apt., I got some questions answered that I have had the last week or so, induction being the biggest one. Starting next week she is having me come for weekly ultrasounds as well as my weekly appointments. She wants them to check the fluid levels and make sure she is moving around nicely. She said that high BP can affect the placenta which can affect the fluid levels, so she wants to make sure everything stays good the way it has been!! I don't mind seeing her weekly until she comes!!
So, we'll see what happens in the next few weeks. At this point, she can come whenever she wants to come now that the crib is set up, we are ready! I will post some pictures too!

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