Monday, April 27, 2009

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Moira's impending arrival

As I get closer and closer to the arrival of our beautiful daughter, I have to think back on how we got here. Dave and I will be married for 9 years on August 12th of this year. We have been through ups and downs like any other marriage. I went to school full-time for the first 3 years we were married and only worked part-time which was tough on the budget. Then I worked doing home services for children with autism and although I loved my job, the commute and all of the time I spent in the car made for stressful times at home. We went through a rough patch about 5 years ago, but we got through it and grew much closer. We focused on our marriage and paying off some bills so that we could finally buy our own house. We decided that when we bought a house, we would start trying to get pregnant. Finally in April of 2007 we bought our first house after 7 years of marriage and all of our ups and downs, mostly ups!! We started trying to conceive almost right away. Month after month there was heartache, no baby. Finally in March of 2008 we went to a fertility doctor and in April 2008 we started with appointments and procedures for me to determine what the problem was. I wasn't ovulating, so that meant medications and IUI's, Inter Uterine Insemination. I have been very open with everyone about the whole process with anyone who wants to listen, so I really don't mind talking about it. We did three months in a row, June, July, and August, of medications and the IUI's. Every month, on the 13th of the month, I had my IUI. On August 13th was the last one and then Labor Day weekend we found out it took!! Our lucky little peanut conceived on the 13th of the month was finally a reality!! After 15 months of trying to conceive and all of the fertility appointments, we were FINALLY going to be parents. So, as the date of Moira's arrival gets closer, we both grow more and more anxious for her to get here. We have had 9 years to be together, enjoy ourselves, do what we want, relax, read, and be alone. We are now more than ready to give that all up! I can't wait to be mom and for Dave to be a dad. I would much rather be up in the middle of the night for a feeding than to be up because I have to pee or I have a headache or my leg hurts from the sciatica. Who knows how I will feel after a few months of that, but as of right now, I have had enough rest, I want this baby!!!:)
Anyway, if you made it this far through this note, thanks for listening. Now you see why I am so anxious and why I don't want to be on maternity leave without a baby! We'll see what my doctor says on Wednesday of this week!

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Cat's Litterbox said...

You give me hope... I can't wait to see what she looks like and to hear all about the great things you guys do with her. I am completely jealous of you guys, but have to think someday I'll get to experience the joys of parenthood!! I think about you all the time and am so happy that you are going to get all that you've always wanted!!