Saturday, April 18, 2009

Moira can come anytime now!!

We got back from Babies R Us a little while ago and some other errands too. We got a little over $200 from Dave's school, the English and History departments, a $25 gift card from one of the women at my school, plus a ton of clothes and stuff from the little baby shower the special ed. department threw for me, and we had some money of our own. I spent about $300 and got a bunch of stuff from our registry plus some other things, so now I feel better. Moira can come for sure now!! We needed a few more sheets for the pack and play and covers for the changing table. I also wanted to have a couple of bottles on hand along with some breast milk storage bags just to get started with. We won't use them until later in the summer, but I wanted a few. I got two of the Born Free glass bottles and these covers to go over them so if they are dropped they hopefully won't break. I don't have a breast pump yet, but I am going to look for one on Craigslist over the summer. I also got some more onesies, a few more cute rompers for her to wear during the summer, a few more sleepers because I felt like I didn't have enough, more hangers for the closet, more towels and washcloths, and a bunch of other things. Still don't have a diaper bag, but I asked my mom if she would get me one. She said she would!!:)
I came home and ordered some Burt's Bees baby stuff from, I love that site, some 7th Generation wipes to go along with my cloth wipes, and some more 7th Generation baby laundry detergent. The 7th generation stuff was on sale. I always get free shipping from and I usually have dollars too. So, free shipping and I saved some money too! We also bought a little fan for her room to circulate the air when she is in there. We had taken down the crappy ceiling fan and replaced it with a nice light fixture. We decided not to put another fan in the room because we didn't like any of them. Instead a small fan for the room should be good. It's a small room anyways!!:)
Still need a wetbag and diaper pail bag. I haven't found any I like on the cloth diaper sites, or the ones I like only come in smalls because they are out of the sizes. I want to make sure I have a good sized wetbag for daycare in the fall and when we travel this summer.
OK, I have to go put all of the stuff in the dryer now that I bought today and then we are going to clean up the living room because it's trashed and I am making Dave's birthday dinner tonight. I was just WAY too tired last night and he said that was fine to do it tonight!!


Melissa said...

you sound ready! just as an fyi some insurance companies will pay for a really nice medela breastpump. i was given one but people came to my room and asked if i needed one after mikayla was born- i wish i had said yes and then i would have had a second for emergencies! :-) anywho-- you may want to look into that and see if you can get one for free since the nice ones are VERY expensive. Also, you'll get a diaper bag from the hospital so if you don't get one from your mom before Moira shows up, you'll at least have one from the hospital to help.
enjoy these last few days before she comes and relax!!!

Alison said...

Hey Melissa,
No, my insurance company doesn't cover breast pumps. I already checked into it. I wish they did!!:)

Cat's Litterbox said...

Okay seriously... you should have told me you wanted Burt's Bees Baby Bee products!!! I think you know that Steve works for them right? We can get you stuff at a HUGE discount and if you spend more than $45 there's free shipping. Let me know if you would like to see the employee order form!!!