Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow day

We had yet another snow day today. Lots of ice, etc. I do have to go out for a dentist appointment at 3:15, but it's just up the road from us, maybe 2 minutes. So, no big deal!

We downloaded Skype yesterday and it is so cool! Now I just have to wait for my mom to get her webcam working again and her microphone. She is having issues with it and can't seem to do it right! It is so cool though. We talked with our friend Peter today in Boston with our webcam and the computer. Very cool and totally free call because he has it too. Dave and I are actually thinking of using it as our phone line for awhile because it is so much cheaper than a regular land line. Right now our land line is a cable phone anyway, set up through our cable/internet. So, it wouldn't be any different than now, just a lot cheaper. We are looking at ways we can cut back for at least a year or maybe a little longer. Our cable/internet/phone package is ridiculous. So, I think we are also going to either cancel our cable or just really cut back. I am ready to give up the DVR for awhile. I LOVE it, but we have Netflix, internet, and our XBOX 360. The majority of the shows we like to watch now are online too. We'll see.......

Dave felt Moira kick today!! We were laying in bed and she was moving around and my belly was moving a little too. So he put his hand on and he FINALLY felt her. It was more of her moving around and moving my belly than an actualy kick, but it was better than nothing at all!! I get nervous when I don't feel her much at all. I know it's still early for her to really be kicking, but I really want to be feeling her kick like crazy!:)
Alright, I guess I should take a shower or something. I REALLY need to take down the Christmas tree decorations, I just hate doing it. I would much rather put them up!!

Have a great day!

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