Sunday, January 18, 2009


We have our nephew Josh here with us this weekend. He will be 10 at the end of February. He was going to stay one night but because of the snow we are getting, he will also be here tonight too. We have tomorrow off of work, so that's good. I am being a total bum so far today. I REALLY need to take down my Christmas tree. Yes, you heard that right, I still have it up and it's real!! We had it cut down fresh, so it will stay alive forever. I have just been so lazy in getting it down. I think I will do it today.

I have been looking at a bunch of different cloth diaper sites last night and today. I have decided I am also going to do some prefold diapers with the covers as well as the AIO and pockets that I have already. It is just more economical and better on my wallet as well. I have about 19 size small AIO and pockets and I have about 10 xs/nb AIO and pockets too. I do have about 10 Kissaluv fitteds, which I bought pretty early on. The person who sold them to me told me they were in good shape and they looked good in the picture, but when I got them they were more worn than I thought. They are size small and will probably be back ups. I have to get some covers for them as well.
So, I have been looking at going with either the Chinese prefolds or the Indian prefolds, can't decide. I found that green mountain diapers has the best deals for buying them seperately, but that Nicki's diapers has good package deals. I am also going to get the snappis too to try out as well. I am thinking I will get the prorap covers for newborn sizes and infant sizes. They are really affordable. I might buy a few other kinds that are colorful and pretty but they are expensive new, so I will have to find those used on DS or somewhere.

Our cat Ozy, he is the youngest of the 5, got pink eye or something. We noticed on Thursday his eye was swollen when we got home from work. We decided to wait and see how it was Friday, it was still swollen in the morning so I figured if it was when I got home on Friday I would call the vet. Our cats get stuff in their eyes all of the time, but they usually don't last too long. So, I called the vet when I got home and took him in on Saturday morning. He didn't have a scratch on his eye, which was good, but it was red and swollen. So I got eye drops and ointment for him. One is an antibiotic and the other is an anti-inflammatory. His eye already looks way better today, but we have to give him the meds. all week to make sure. He was so good at the vet, way more alert and social than the other cats. He is just so funny.

That's about it. Snowing here again. I really don't mind though!!:)

Have a good day!


Cat's Litterbox said...

Your whole thing about diapers is like a foreign language that I hope to someday learn.

Alison said...

Hee hee! No problem! When you are ready, let me know. I can send you tons of info. on it. That is, if you are interested in cloth. I knew I wanted to do it way before we were pregnant and had information saved on my computer forever, waiting!!