Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's 2am......

I woke up around 12:30 and I can't get back to sleep. I had only been a asleep a few hours. Now I am awake and sitting on the couch with my computer. UGH! Oh well....I am sure I will fall asleep again soon.
I am pissed at this woman on diaper swappers. I have been e-mailing her for the last two days about some bum genius dipes I really wanted. I asked her about shipping, she wasn't sure, then she started talking about some fuzzi bunz she had, did I want any, etc. etc. I told her I wanted to see the pictures of the Fuzzi Bunz, but that I was still interested in the Bum Genius. She was taking forever to get back to me on the FB and the shipping costs. We went and had dinner with our neighbors around 5:30ish and hung out there. When we got home around 10pm, she had e-mailed me twice saying she had someone else interested in them, do I want them, blah blah. I said I wanted the ones but also wanted to see the pictures. I didn't want to pay her for them and then have to pay for the FB. Anyway, I went to bed after that. Just now when I woke up, I had 4 e-mails from her saying she needed an answer, blah blah. Because I went to bed and didn't get back to her, she sold them!! Everyone I have dealt with on DS has been awesome and has never once sold something I was interested in right from under me like that. I wrote back and I was a little mad because I told her I didn't realize she was going to sell them so quickly like that and that I would have paid her for them yesterday if I would have known. I told her I was going to pass on the FB. I was already feeling like she was charging a little too much for the dipes anyway. She originally wanted 10 per dipe and I asked her if she would take 8 per dipe if I bought more than one. I have bought from a few people who will take that and it includes shipping. She started talking about more for shipping and I was realizing it was going to get more expensive. AHHH!! Oh well!! I will look for some more. They were so cute though!!
Am I being unreasonable here? Is this normal? Like I said, everyone else I have dealt with has been nice! I even dealt with a woman who waited 3 days for my money to clear in paypal, with me not realizing that if I would have just used the savings account attached to my paypal, that would have been funded paypal as well. I figured it out after that, but still the woman waited for my money to clear and didn't sell the dipes from under me. I kept in contact with her the whole time!!
Ok, not worth it to dwell on it now. I am so tired anyway and a bit hormonal, no big deal!!


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