Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Question about Blogger

I am still figuring out blogger. I have used LiveJournal forever, but I like this one too. Anyway, when someone posts a comment to my entry, do they see if I reply to it? People have been posting comments, but I have no idea if I reply, will they see it? On LJ there is a reply feature so then people will know I replied to them. Just curious. Still learning!! :)


Prather Family said...

Alison, you can post back to us, but we don't know if you respond unless we go back to your posts and see the comment you left under ours. As for me, I always go back to the comments that I made to see if the other person posted something back.

Or like you have done, you can come to our blog and leave us a comment about the comment we put on your blog. Make sense?

Alison said...

That's what I thought Amy! Thanks for helping me out!! :o)

Prather Family said...

Glad to help...I'm still figuring some things out about Blogger myself. :)