Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hope on the horizon.......

Two things happened today to give us hope. Dave was offered an extra position at work with a wonderful stipend that will help us pay off some bills next school year, save some money, and possibly allow me to stay home with our next baby at least for a year. That is what I am most excited about. After everything we have been through with Moira, the possibility that I could get to stay home with our child makes it worth while. Dave said that is why he applied for the job, so I could stay home. Sigh.....my dream come true!!! :)

We also met with the fertility doctor, although it was sad we were back there, it also was hopeful. I had blood work done today. I will get the results tomorrow. She will be able to tell me if I have already ovulated. If I haven't ovulated yet, she gave me a prescription to start medication that will force a period for me. If I have ovulated, than we need to wait for a period. Once I get my period in August, I will call the office and we will begin starting the Clomid, IUI, etc. Dave and I decided not to try on our own in August. We want me to get healthy, i.e. lose some more weight and work on my blood pressure first. I would like to lose about 10 pounds in the next few months, not sure if it's possible, but I will try! Then we'll start treatments in the fall. He is just very concerned about my BP and me too, so we want that under control first. We are working on it. I see my primary care doctor on the 20th to check in and see what the next step is! YAY!

OK, so there is my good news for the day. Dave's new position at work, he will still be teaching, this will be extra and on top of his teaching duties. I will explain more once he says it's OK too. YAY!!

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Joanna said...

Wow, great news about the new position for Dave!

You will be in my prayers regarding fertility and your BP. Nothing can replace Moira, but I hope that you can get pregnant again very soon!