Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My busy day, it was good!

Today was a busy day for me. It was nice! I saw my therapist at 9:00am this morning. We talked about my BP and us TTC again. I also told her about Dave's new job and how I will hopefully be able to stay home with our next baby. We got on the topic of vaccines and I was saying how now that I can stay home with a new baby, I can delay other vaccines and do it a little differently than we had originally planned. I was happy about that!!! She was telling me how she didn't vaccinate her kids at all and she treated them totally homeopathically. She saw a homeopathic doctor as well. It was interesting. More things to read about now!

Then I came home after my appointment to relax for a bit and then had to take one of our cats to the vet. He needed his rabies shot and his eye was a little swollen. He had pink eye back in January and it was starting to look like it again. After that, came home and made a quick lunch for Dave and I. He was running home real quick from work to eat and then had to head back up there again for a curriculum meeting. I had a hair cut appointment at 2:45. I haven't had my hair cut since April and it was LONG! I didn't realize how long it was until after she had washed my hair and showed me where 2 inches would be. So, I decided to get 2 1/2 inches cut off and it's now just above my shoulders. She did some fancy layering to it to give it a little more body. I am so simple with my hair because I have a lot of hair, but it's so fine that it's hard to do much with it.
I love the place I get my hair cut at. It's this little salon owned by one woman. She uses all natural and organic hair products and it is so calming and relaxing when I go in there. Downstairs from her is a little store called Tip Top Country Store, http://www.tiptoponline.us/
It is such a great little store, lots of organic and natural products. We don't shop there a lot because it can get expensive, but I stopped in and got a few things that I really like. I like shopping there because it's a local, cool store.

So, overall a nice, fun day for me. :) Tomorrow my friend Angela and I are going to IKEA!! YAY!!! I am going to look for computer desks for our computer room. It's time to reorganize that room!!


Prather Family said...

I'm glad you had a good busy day. I think it is wonderful that Dave got that better job and you will be able to stay home with your next baby. I wish we didn't need 2 incomes so I could stay home with the girls.

I've been doing a bunch of research on vaccines and I can tell you that I am scared to death of them now. I had the girls get their Hep B and their 2 month shots on schedule but now I want to do a modified schedule from here on out where they don't get so many at once. Let me know about your research when you are done.

Have fun at IKEA!!! I love that place.

Prather Family said...

Thanks for the infomation on the vaccine book. I'm also reading "What your doctor may not tell you about children's vaccinations" by Stephanie Cave. She is more anti-vaccination or at least modifying the schedule considerably. I als have Dr. Sears' book. Have you heard of any of these?