Sunday, August 23, 2009


On Tuesday we started our trip by sailing from Boston to Marblehead, that's where this picture was taken. I had never been to Marblehead before. It was a quaint little New England sea town. Great scenery, cute little houses, and just a nice town. I took some great pictures while we were there! Wednesday we got up and got underway to Provincetown, the tip of Cape Cod. I only remember going there once when I was a kid with my family and I can sort of remember the beach, but that's it. P-town, if you don't know, is a cute, fun, hip town where there is such a mixture of different and interesting people. It was fun. We went to a bar Wednesday night for a drink and we had a drag queen for a karaoke DJ who was hilarious! Thursday morning we got up, ate breakfast in P-town, walked around a little bit more, then went back to the boat. We did our usual shower routine, which was jump in the water, soap up, and then jump back into the water. The P-town harbor water was like bath water, it was so nice. We took salt water baths all week. Then after that we set sail to Scituate, MA, which is Dave and our friend Peter's hometown. It was Peter's boat we were on. We got into Scituate, ate dinner, had a few drinks with Peter's sister, and met up with another one of Peter's friends, Robyn who was joining us in Scituate for the sail back to Boston on Friday. There were four of us that were on the whole trip, Dave and I and then Peter and his friend Rachel who was a lot of fun and then she just joined us for the last leg. Friday we got up, had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts in Scituate, got a few things at the store, and then headed out to Boston. It was really a lot of fun and I am glad we did it. because who knows if we'll be able to do it next year. I will post some pictures later. Also, I have some pictures on Facebook, which I think most of you have seen, but I'll try to post a few of my favorites here.

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Prather Family said...

I'm so glad you had a good time on your trip and you are may not be able to to do it next year since you will be having twins and all. LOL

I will have to check out your pictures on facebook.