Saturday, August 15, 2009


I had a dream last night that we had twins, one boy and one girl. They came early and they were small, but they were very healthy and doing OK. I am not sure how I had them because I didn't have a c-section and I didn't go through labor, they just came out. That was the weird part of the dream. It was very vivid though and their names were Alexa Marie (my middle name is Marie) and Bradley David (Dave's name, obviously). It's funny that it was so vivid and as soon as I woke up I remembered their names and I liked their names. They were names we never really thought of using. I had contemplated using my middle name before we settled on Moira and we had talked about using Dave's name for a middle name if we had a boy, but that was it.

Hmmm.......I wonder if that means something? I am now the 3rd person to dream that we had twins. Dave did long before we were pregnant with Moira, and his sister did a few months ago. Interesting. Maybe that is what is meant to be.


Shop with Me Mama said...

Awww! Sounds like it might be in the plans ;) Great dream! I am sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. Hugs.

Prather Family said...

I just thought I would come check your blog and see if you had any updates and it looks like you just posted.

Too funny about your dream. I also dreamed I was going to have twins...and you know how my story ended up. I dreamed I had boys though so it was a relief to hear we were having girls. I was scared of two boys running all over my house. LOL

I like those names. I hope you get to use them one day. :) Maybe waiting until September to do your next IUI will result in twins.

I'm waiting to hear about our appointment out there. Take care and enjoy your time.

Sarah and Andy said...

That's such an awesome dream and so cool that you remembered the names:) I hope this is a glimpse of what's to come!

Kelly said...


I found you through another blog and was moved, to say the least. Last October, I lost a friend named Daniel who had cancer. He had 6 months from the time that he was diagnosed until he passed away. His death hit me hard, and I was a newlywed at the time. Of course, my thoughts turned to my husband, and the amazing amount of grief that I would feel if I lost him. I was struggling with how to love him with everything I have, but not to hold on too tightly, or to feel that I was "owed" a certain number of happy years with him.

Shortly after Daniel's death, a sweet family from my church lost their 9 day old daughter to an undiagnosed heart condition that she was born with. Again, I was struck with the painful sting of loss, and my sympathy for them, especially for the mother (Sarah) was overwhelming. I had to do something with my emotions during that time, as I felt useless to try to comfort them, or even imagine what they were going through.

I am an artist, and I saw an image in my mind of a little girl playing in a field with her Dad. He lets go of her hand and she's running, but smiling back at him with love. I knew that this was an image I was supposed to paint. It is a painting about fleeting moments and intense love. It's about loss and perspective. I guess you could say that it is my answer to the question of how to love deeply, but hold lightly to my husband (and my future children).

I cannot imagine the grief that you have been dealing with after your loss of Moira. I read your story and wanted to send you this image, along with a link to its full story on my site: In the month since its completion, it's moved many people and my hope is that you'll find some comfort in it. Make sure you click through to Eliana's story, as her mother dreamed about her children's names as well!

I hope that you do.

People have asked me about buying a print of this painting, "Mine For a Moment," so I'm getting information for that this week. Let me know if it's something that interests you or if you know of friends who may want one. I will be setting up an endowment fund in Daniel's name through Livestrong with proceeds from the sales.

I hope that this email finds you well.. today.