Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thanks Amy!

Thanks Amy for checking in with me. :) This week has started out busy! Last night I had an Arbonne party for my good friend Erin who is trying to get this started as her full time job. It was a lot of fun! There were 10 of us here and it was a nice pampering spa party. I was busy part of Monday and Tuesday cleaning and getting food ready. It gave me something to do and keep me busy during my day. Today I am doing absolutely NOTHING!! I am really in the mood to just be a bum. No reason, just tired and wanting to do that. Tomorrow I have a massage in the morning given to my by my yoga teacher as her way of showing her support after losing Moira. She also gave me a free 6 week session of yoga as well!
On Friday we are going with our neighbors into Boston to go sailing with my husband's best friend Peter. Peter belongs to a yacht club and can take out different kinds of boats. We are all so excited to go. Sunday we leave for Cape Cod for a week and I can't wait!!! I want to get to the beach!! We haven't been all summer and I really have no color at all!! I wish I had a pool to sit out by and get some color. It's been too hot out to just sit on my porch.

On Monday the 10th, we have to leave our little piece of heaven for a little while to go meet with the high risk OB in preparation for our next pregnancy. We have an apt. at 8:30am and it's about an hour and a half from where we are staying for the week. It was the first apt. we could get where both Dave and I could make it. I don't know how much Dave needs to be there, but it doesn't matter I want him there!! :) Since we are having to do it during our vacation too, I want him to come, for the support and so I don't have to repeat everything to him. Plus, he is always better at remembering information when we have important appointments like that.

Anyway, that's about it. Hope you all are doing well out there in blog land!


Prather Family said...

That is so great that you have been so busy. It sounds like the Arbonne Party was success. I had a friend that sold their products and I still have a few of them at home. I'm sure you still need those days to be a bum though too.

I'm glad you get to go pamper yourself with a massage. I haven't had one since midway through my pregnancy and my body is screaming for another one. The yoga should also help your body and I heard that is good for fertility. :)

Have fun on your trip and I hope you get some good information/advice on your appointment. Keep us posted on that appointment here in blog land.

Joanna said...

Cape Cod sounds like fun, I hope you get some good time to relax with Dave and just have fun. On the BEACH no less!

Debbie said...

I hope you have a fantastic time on the beach, Alison.

And good luck with your appointment-- I will be looking for an update from you.

Alison said...

Thanks Ladies!!
I am going to try and update on Monday after we get back to the house we are staying at. Last year I was able to snag a neighbor's internet, but only if I sat on the back porch and it wasn't the best connection, so I will try. If anything I can update on my Facebook from my cell phone!